[REVIEW] Crystal Palace

Mia was terribly lucky, she was invited to try out the dimsum feast earlier this month (yes, this was also long overdue, blame the real life for it) at Crystal Palace, the Chinese restaurant of Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang. Crystal Palace has a all-you-can-eat promo package every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm, and all the gorgeousness is only for IDR 90,000 nett per pax, a.k.a roughly US $9, and on one beautiful sunny Sunday off she went to fill her belly to the brink.

p.s. there are no pictures of the restaurant interior design and stuffs, because the day and the time she went there the restaurant was so packed that she didn’t have the heart to disturb the other guests (and because mainly were old grandpas and grandmas)

p.p.s. but no worries about the accessibility and stuffs, Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang is a 5-star hotel, with lift and enoug spaces for kids, stroller, wheelchair to move around. the ambiance is reeeally good, the place is bright but not too much lights, and if you want more private space they also have the separated spots, with dimmer lighting inside. Mia first sat inside but then moved and ate at the table at the corridor, which gave her mooore light and she likes it that way 😉

the first round!
the first round!

these are the fried kinds of dimsum and the funny thing is the appearance of the samosa (which Flo and Mia thought as Hindi food and not Chinese food) lol

Mia’s favorite from the first round was the one with mayo and the middle one, namely Dragon Mustache, funny name but not-so-funny-amazingness taste came with this baby.

round two!
round two!

the white ones behind are hakau skin with different kinds of fillings; beef, chicken, cakwee, and plain.

then there is Something-Broccoli, and also Mapo Tofu

hello there Audry!
hello there Audry!

this is Audry (and A.S) set of dining! Audry is one of Mia’s friend during the on-the-job training, they luckily met, and Audry and her fiancee A.S was also taking pictures, haha~

on the bamboo steamer are Marinated Chicken Feet and Hongkong Veggies Shumai

(Mia do not eat chicken feet so she cannot tell how it was, but the shumai was amazing, and even when Mia is actually a self-claiming carnivore!)

third round ba-bamm
third round ba-bamm

this La Mien is a perfection. forgive the stupidness of not maintaining the lighting, the soup looks oily, but that was not the case. again, this La Mien is a perfection. like the highlight of Mia’s journey. (Mia loves noodles so this might be a little bit biased)

the noodles are made LIVE off air there, the noodle was soft, chewy, but after the second chew it “melted” in the mouth, but was not fragile for we can still use the chopstick on it.

the beef and mushroom are perfectly marinated, and very soft, easy to eat, and gave some kind of texture on the soft noodle. the soup is also a-mah-zeeng, not oily, not bland, not too salty, not too thick, the consistency and flavor is just perfect.

there are still more
there are still more

Mia got the Shumai and Hakau just on time, because those are the last ones and she cannot not trying these wonderful creatures.

the Shumai was kind of different from the usuals she ate. usually inside the skin was only meat, but these also has a little seasoning stock inside that will melt the baby in your mouth (that, if you eat the whole thing in one bite like Mia did)

dessert part one
dessert part one
dessert part two - final
dessert part two – final

those are jellies, and mango pudding…………

the mango pudding is a definitely perfection

the mango pudding is perfect

the Food and Beverage Director himself made the recipe

and he said to me, “Everyone who ate my pudding says that it is amazing.”

and I said, “No. Not everyone. Because I’d say it’s perfect.”

please do go visit Crystal Palace restaurant when you visit Semarang and is looking for good Chinese food and dimsum! they have authentic taste even after they adjust the ingredients for Crystal Palace is a Halal restaurant 🙂

the price is reasonable (hello, IDR 90k for all-you-can-eat deliciousness??) and very worth the taste!

Crystal Palace

Jl. Pemuda 118 Semarang (Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang, 7th floor)

+6224 8657911 ext. 7360


[REVIEW] Cafe Coco Madeleine

This review is actually long overdue haha! Sorry for the lack of posts, we’re struggling with University life now, soon it’s holiday time and we’ll make sure to go around again~

Now this is out new favorite of the town, Cafe Coco Madeleine!

from the front


Aigo actually went there twice, once with a friend and another one with Olala, therefore there are two timed pictures. Olala has been there twice too, once with their mom and of course the other one with Aigo.





And now let’s go right away to the foods

carbonara (Rp 22.000,-) delicious creamy goodness
carbonara (Rp 22.000,-)
delicious creamy goodness
fries, that Aigo forgotten the price
fries, that Aigo forgotten the price
Chocolate Waffle with Matcha Ice Cream (Rp 28.000,-)
Chocolate Waffle with Matcha Ice Cream (Rp 28.000,-)
A very good drink…

Aigo admits she is guilty for not bringing any notes to scribble the names and prices

Matcha Frappe (Rp 20.000,-) a really sinful drink!
by now people should have known Aigo loves Matcha and Cafe Coco Madeleine has the best Matcha products in town!
Chocolate Pancake topped with Matcha Ice Cream (Rp 28.000,-)
Chocolate Pancake topped with Matcha Ice Cream (Rp 28.000,-)
Vanilla Latte (Rp 20.000,-) Olala's preference
Vanilla Latte (Rp 20.000,-)
Olala’s preference
This is sinful, really
This is sinful, really


So, we score Cafe Coco Madeleine as

4.5 out of 5


The foods we tried so far are awesome, and the prices worth them very much. Not to mention that Cafe Coco Madeleine doesn’t use tax, so that is a bonus!

The interiors are really nice, very cozy, and though Aigo didn’t manage to capture them, but there are sofas and home theater there.

The service is really nice, not too special though, but at least the waiters can explain the foods in details and recommended us good choices. They also play nice music inside and it’s a definitely good place to hang out with friends sometimes.

Not all the time because the prices are not fit to students wallets lol


Cafe Coco Madeleine

Jl Sisingamangaraja 31 Semarang

[REVIEW] Prince House

hi there! very long time no see everyone *waves*

this time Olala and Aigo will be reviewing the place we used to go to often, no so much anymore lately after we once *cough*spent too much money there*cough*. well, anyway, finally, after a very long time of waiting, Aigo finally gets her DSLR camera, and this is the first review post with the said camera ;D


(our usual seat is right next to the window)



the seats


a cool painting


table deco

we ordered our usual style drinks, since like what stated, we went here often so we are very familiar with the menu lol


Pink Lady Float

(milk, strawberry, yogurt, ice cream… umm what else?)

guess whose is this?


Apple Juice

guess whose is this??

IMG_0315_1600x1066 IMG_0316_1600x1066

strawberry ice cream which is gooood~

Prince House got new menus for us, and the waiter recommended specifically their new menus: the pizza. Decided by rock-paper-scissors finally tutty fruity was choosen.

IMG_0329_1600x1066 IMG_0330_1600x1066

crispy crust, avocado, banana, pineapple, strawberry, blah, blah, and cheese

(forgot what else on toppings)


and not to mention the cherry on top

The drinks cost us IDR 10,000 for the Pink Float Lady and IDR 7,000 for the apple juice.

Tutty Fruity Pizza is IDR 25,000 in 6 slices.


They got full airconned 2 stores, TVs and full music, and wi-fi (ask the waiter/waitress the password, don’t be shy). And good services too! The waiter will take the helmets inside when it rains (or looks like going to rain soon) and he raises the TV volume up if the music some customer like is played. (he at least raised it up for us lol)

we give this place a score of 4 out of 5 for it’s affordable price range and good taste and good place plus service 🙂

minus one for the lack of parking lot~

Go and visit there! 😀


Prince House Cafe and Resto

Jl. MT. Haryono 678 (Jl. Mataram, Jl. Kartini), Semarang, Jawa Tengah

9.30 am – 1 am

{4square link}

[REVIEW] Basilia Cafe and Dine

We tried Basilia, a cafe and dine spot at the corner of Ciputra Mall Semarang.

The place is quite famous and we’ve been craving to try the food for years, and it wasn’t until last Friday that we finally went there! lol


cafe and dine




Olala was reading a novel while waiting for our foods to be served


spoon and fork


Meanwhile Aigo was playing around with her camera. As expected…


fettucini with zuccini

Olala’s food, Vegetarian Fettuccine with Zucchini




Aigo’s food, Chicken Schnitzel with Almond plus Mashed Potato


lemon on top

potato mash

a bite

leaf plate

We spotted a cute leaf shaped plate for the mayo!

ice tea

Ice Tea





So far, we give Basilia the score of:

Price : 4 out of 5

Taste : 4.8 out of 5

Place : 3.8 out of 5

The price is nice, not the student pricing, of course. The cheapest food there is like 20k or so, but you can definitely say it’s not too expensive. The iced tea is 4k and the Copacino is 10.5k, then the fettuccine and chicken schnitzel is 28k each anyway. Now you get the idea of their pricing.

The taste is amazing! The fettuccine is creamy, the chicken schnitzel is perfect, not to mention the perfection of the mashed potato! very creamy, tasty and just amazing!

The place, though, is not as nice as how I imagined it to be. Through the photos you can tell that the place is classy but still homey-like. BUT, the problem is, though it’s indoor with aircon, there are people who smoke inside and are allowed! Yet Basilia claimed to serve natural and no-msg food~ well…

Final score : 4.2!

Still, we would like to recommend this place for those who are looking for nice food for special occasion (like dates, or birthday treats) but with the affordable pricing =)

Honey Hair Dye

Do you know that honey is able to lighten your hair?

Well, honey contains hydrogen peroxide which works just like your hair bleach. In other word, it can lighten your hair, but in more natural and healthier way. Cleopatra used honey for her skin and hair and that is probably the secret recipe of why the two men fell for her. But we’re not going to talk about Cleopatra, of course.

We will talk about the honey.


So, you can make this honey hair dye at home easily. All you need are only these ingredients:

3 tbsp of Honey. Raw or pasteurized, they will do the trick. We will explain the difference later.

2 tbsp of Water. Like any water.

1 tbsp of Cinnamon powder. They help the honey to do its job.


All you have to do is to mix them in a small bowl, we recommend NOT to use clear bowl, because honey is sensitive to the light, then let the mixture sit for half an hour with the bowl covered. You can use your text book or anything to cover the bowl 🙂

Then cover all of your hair with the mixture. Like you’re using conditioner.

Put on your shower cap, make sure all of your hair are in, and just let it that way for two hours.

Rinse your hair clean.


You’re done!


You can also do this at night and sleep with your shower cap on. The longer you let the mixture on your head, the lighter it’d be.

And the difference of using raw honey (which is expensive) and pasteurized honey (which is not so expensive) is on the hydrogen peroxide amount in them. Raw honey has more peroxide, which means it’ll lighten your hair faster. But like what we’ve said, both will do the trick. So you can use pasteurized honey too. We used pasteurized honey, fyi 😀


So, here are our results. Photos were taken in the afternoon under direct sunlight (around 10-11 am ish)

We’re both Chinese, we have black hair (or very very dark brown hair, to be honest. but everyone called us black haired so..)


Olala did hers two days ago. She has very thick hair, and bigger hair strands.










Aigo did hers the day before. She has thick hair as well, but with small and soft strands.










And yes, Aigo was playing with her camera… tsk.

Anyway, we decided to do this around twice a week until we see the color we like (Olala wants mahogany color, Aigo wants honey brown color), and this first attempt’s result make us quite excited about how long we’d have to do this until we reach our goal ;D

And yess, you can do this about twice or three times a week. Don’t do it too often, you’ll waste your honey 😀

And everyday our hair get a bit lighter (we haven’t do it anymore since the first attempt), so yeah. Don’t waste the honey!

And yes, we heard THIS IS PERMANENT. Or until your hair grow and your roots would be black again, of course.

And yes again, the honey didn’t just make our hair lighter, but much softer too.

So we think that this natural d.i.y hair dye is worth to try. Didn’t even cost us IDR 10,000 every time every person~

And even our mom who told us that she would kick us out the house if we dye our hair accept this way lol

have fun trying it! 😀


the food travelers